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The OCEAN BLUE and GOD   wants:     YOU!

Hi Everyone!
 Looking back through the years I have to say the Navy was an important time in my life. I got away from home and into a vocation where I could earn a living, travel and meet people from all over the world.  A good choice for me after graduating from high school.

Many years have passed away since then, but the Navy was a great way of life for me. It was in the Navy I had a Spiritual wake-up call in my 20th year of life. Sin was virtually destroying me spiritually, physically and mentally.  The Great Saviour JESUS delivered me from almost sure death spiritually because of my sins. What happened to me was a miracle. The Gospel of John 3:3 calls me Born-Again now. I welcome you to this site. Now to the message.

I remember the days sailing the ocean blue on a U.S. Navy destroyer. I would stand outside on deck in the amidships quarterdeck area and hold on the life rail and look out over the vastness of the Atlantic ocean. Marvelous views of the sea. Wonderful!

Many sailed across the Atlantic Ocean before my time. The Jamestown settlers in 1607, the Pilgrims in 1620 and others. I am sure the voyage they were on was a lot harder than it was for my ship.

Being a Sailor sailing the ocean blue was great. The opportunity to see many beautiful sunrises and sunsets was a blessing to behold. The light, medium and heavy rolling seas causing the ship to toss to and fro made for quite a time trying to eat on the Mess decks and walking aboard ship. 
There were times I thought I was on a roller coaster ride during heavy seas, as the ship would elevate upwards, stop briefly and come down quickly. Kind of exhilarating. There were days when the ship was sailing on not so heavy seas, but it could still be dangerous. 

 There were times when you could go on deck, hold onto a life rail and the sea would give you a ride like the Tilt a Whirl at a carnival at a fun speed, but you had to be careful though, the ship could pitch and roll at anytime causing you to lose your footing and balance. 

The sea can be quite unpredictable just as life can bring many unpredictable moments and you need to be on solid footing in life to make it through.

One day a few sailors and I were on the fantail, the aft end of the ship, called the stern on a nice sunny day. The ship was moving slow and the sea was rolling kind of slow and easy but the water was still rocking the ship. We were holding on the life rail just incase. After awhile we decided go back in the ship and waited for a lull in the movement of the sea and when it came, we left the life rail and started walking to go inside when the sea suddenly picked up quickly and we started to get off balance and it almost looked like we would slide off the deck into the ocean. We frantically tried to grab whatever we could so we would not go overboard. Fortunately we didn't, but it was SCARY when we lost our footing. I was not able to grab hold of anything and was filled with fear! Then suddenly a lull began and the ship was level. Whew! I was safe. 

You need to be safe spiritually today, because life's events can change your situation quickly. And I ask you.....

Have you lost your footing in life? Going to and fro and wondering what life is about? The Good News of JESUS CHRIST the Gospel can help you find your way spiritually. Come to know who JESUS is. You can start reading Genesis Chapter 1 verse 1-3. Then go to the Gospel of John chapter 1 and read verses 1-18. Then to John 14:1-6 Then read John 20:29-31.

Our Creator and Saviour can truly be found in the verses. That's a bit for now. Please read through the SALVATION PAGE. Thanks for visiting, Mike

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