All Veterans Christian Assembly, USA - Founded by a U.S. Navy Veteran. Welcome Aboard!
 Some of what is in my Library of Books. 

1. A King James Version of the Bible. 1769 English edition which is the one most commonly used today. Most people do not speak 1611 English. While the 1769 edition has some olde English, more understood.

2. The John Dickson Study Bible. 

3. The Henry Morris
     Study Bible.

4. The Book, 25 Jewels in 
     a Setting.
     Pastor and now Evangelist Tom Wallace
5. The Commentaries of Books of the Bible.
     by Dr. Harry Ironside. 

6. The Evangelist by Dr. John R. Rice
7.  Glimpses Of JESUS by Pastor Clyde Box

8.  Strong's Concordance

9.  How to Work for Christ by R.A. Torrey

10. A Diary type of Book to write down daily
      experiences of your walk in the LORD.


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