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Hi Everyone!

All set for Eternity? There is a real hope out there for you to believe in. It is the Gospel, the Good News of JESUS CHRIST.
As the time of life passes on by for all of us in the land of the living, Be Wise, seek JESUS and

TAKE the Hand of JESUS CHRIST while you are alive on this earth! You need the Spiritual assurance that when you die, Heaven awaits you! Death with out JESUS is tragic if you are not saved. If you are not a forgiven sinner and die in your sins, all of them (sins) and the tragedies of life you have taken part in will follow with you! They will be with you for all eternity in the place which burns with fire, it is called the Lake of Fire. Awful as it is, the Bible says it is real. JESUS also preached on damnation and hell. There will be No rest, No peace and you will be consciously alive. Being lost in your sins also means all of your so-called triumphs will not be going along with you to be enjoyed. The great days you rejoiced in, fun days, happy times will now be in your soul saying....wish to GOD I had listened to the GOSPEL truth. Wish to GOD I had asked JESUS to forgive me. Remember, some good times are worth remembering, but if you die lost, torment will ensue, forever. If you die with your sins forgiven by JESUS, eternity will be peaceful for you!

I want peace in my life, especially after I die. JESUS offers peaceful eternal life. You all need it. CHRIST came to SAVE all. The One Way to GOD is through JESUS. I hear some people say we all worship the same GOD and all spiritual roads lead to HIM. Not true. One GOD, one way to HIM. You must believe and receive JESUS CHRIST as your Saviour. HE is the Saviour of the World. The GOD-MAN come in the flesh. HE came to live as a human to reach out to us and deliver us from the wrath to come because of sin. Your life is important to HIM. The Gospel of John chapter 1 verses 1-14 tell of this. HE is the TRUE LIGHT. HE, JESUS is the WAY, the Truth and the Life found in the gospel of John chapter 14 verse 6.

And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgement.  Hebrews 9:27

I am nearing 60 years old now and in fair health, not tip-top anymore. I am not doing the best physically and know my life will end someday. I think about it more often now than I did at 25. Our human bodies are weak, they will die. When you die what will become of you? Your spirit and soul will live on but the mercy of GOD will not be there then, you must make a choice now to receive CHRIST as Saviour before you die.  GOD has the final word on the afterlife, not us. LOVE. JESUS loves and cares about you!
At age 20 I was a young sailor in the Navy and in good health. Never thought about death and dying. I did however have a wake up call involving the sinful destruction of my life though. Sins were hurting me mentally and physically. I needed some hope. Some Joy that would uplift me to better things.

Life was good, but I had many bad days also. These bad days took me downwards into a world of trouble. Alcohol use from partying at the clubs and bars with friends started to topple me over. The wine of this world turned sour and unforgiving. A woman I had met turned into much heartbreak for me. The music, the songs of this world led me into more trying difficult days. The messages were not what I needed. 

I was young, strong. I had the strength of youth, but it was not enough to keep me standing tall as a human being. I was destroying my mind and heart with sinful living, that I thought would bring some good highlights to my life. These highlights now turned into dark lights for me. I am thankful that some of the men on the ship I was on cared about me. Some from the enlisted ranks and even the Officer ranks huddled around me telling me you need to quit drinking alcohol and get myself out of the troubles I was in. Even some of the sailors that drank like I did, worried about me. I knew I needed peace in my heart, I had too much unrest. Social drinking was not really that social. Sin never is. 

The Bible says: Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging: and whosever is deceived thereby is not wise.  Proverbs 20:1 

The pressure of all my wrong doings closed in on me. It was during the day of October 16, 1979 I began to think of a way out of the mess I was in. Drinking alcohol had such pull on my life, pull that was taking me down into trouble. My heart and soul was greatly disturbed. I needed a way out not from myself, because I tried. All other ways were of man and not a permanent fix. I needed something eternal and powerful to deliver me. I wanted out of this mess.

I remembered that during my childhood I learned about JESUS. From age 6 to 10 I learned JESUS was the Lamb of GOD who could take away the sins of the world, mine too! Between age 10 and 20 I never went to church much at all. I did not care much about church and Bible things. I was not from a home where the Bible was preached and lived. The motto was : Just live and let live, try to do good and carry on I thought.
Now getting back to that day when I said to myself, I need a permanent fix from all this mess. I knew GOD could help me, because I tried on my own and failed. Within a short time after thinking that, a friend aboard ship invited me to a Bible study that day. At this Bible study I got saved. Trusted JESUS to save me, called upon HIM to save me. HE did. My life changed. HE gave me strength to overcome the bad. It is now over 35 years later and even though I have gone through thick and thin times, it is still real, what JESUS did for me, I see it more and more each day. All my tragedies, bad times will be forgotten never to be remembered no more in Heaven. IF I HAD DIED WITHOUT JESUS...all my sins would have followed me to Hell.

 If on earth I was doing not so good, in Hell it would be worse. I was really down and out and lost. After I came to CHRIST many could not understand me and I struggled because of it, such sorrow. I had to deal with my family and friends who I cared about but they did not understand. I knew inside I had changed and needed to get away from the old they wanted still. The old life brought too much grief and it still tried to pull me down. So to all in the old way of life I pray for you to see the LORD and be saved. GOD'S grace is greater than sin. I had the power because of the Holy Spirit then and now to overcome the life that was once destroying me, and you can too. Life is all so short with many troubles. JESUS helps.

Yes, choices I made after salvation I thought were okay, were not. Follow CHRIST in all things. Pray about important things. The new life in CHRIST does and will pull you out of the old. You always need GOD'S help. It may look okay to you, but GOD will let you know for sure. As a new believer and old, stay within the boundaries of the LORD. HIS way is the best way!

 I learned many great lessons about life as a young man. JESUS does help you, HE did help me. HE gives you a new heart. Use it, pray for people, those you know and do not know. If you fall down, GET UP and walk once again. JESUS came to seek and save all and if you are saved and struggling seek HIM and get up. As long as you are alive and in a right mind HE wants you to serve HIM. Do not delay. YOU are a key for people to see and know CHRIST. Give them that WORD of HIS TRUTH. 

In closing:

I am glad that some folks CARED about me. I am thankful GOD is real and did LOVE me when I felt there was no hope. And someday no matter what happens I will die with this HOPE, that JESUS CHRIST saved my soul.   Thank you LORD! Enjoy the day GOD has given you and:
For whosoever shall call upon the name of the LORD shall be saved.  Romans 10:13

Come to the LIFE you
need right now! O do not let it escape you! There is
a Love from Heaven on high that wants to see you saved. JESUS has come to Save YOU!
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