All Veterans Christian Assembly, USA - REMEMBER MEMORIAL DAY on May 28th.
            THANK YOU MILITARY & VETERANS!     WELCOME HOME! YOU DESERVE IT! To the Families, Welcome to you too! You Cared!
This THANK YOU is for you my fellow Veterans and those serving as we know many of us went through some hard times! The heavy duty training, the long arduous hours that took us to the limits of what we had in ourselves. The challenges came, but we made it and enjoyed that feeling of accomplishment. We accomplished things few have done. Some of us saw combat and the horrors of war, things you would like to forget.  Some saw friends die who were close to them and even if they weren't, were part of the unit that meant a lot to them. Some of us struggle and try to make sense of all that happens in war. Some of us served and never saw combat, nevertheless experienced some tough times. FAITH can make life more sensible to you with FAITH in JESUS CHRIST. Yes, life is short compared to eternity and we surely want to make the best of it right now and where we stand.  You are alive today and need to know there is purpose in life, for the Lord Jesus Christ wants to use you in a great and mighty way, and that is just one part of HIS plan for you! JESUS CHRIST IS THE GOD MAN come in the flesh to save us from our sins. HE created the Heavens and the Earth. HE created man and woman and yes HE has a purpose for us and HE wants to have a spiritual relationship with YOU!
                           You need JESUS in your life to have that purpose. To have HIM as your Saviour means all of your sins are forgiven forever! To have HIM as your Saviour means you will have eternal life for all eternity in a body that will never die and that is without spot or blemish. It is an immortal body free of any defects. No hurt or sorrow will be in Heaven. All the pain from your life on earth will be forever gone whatever it may have been. All disabilities will be GONE in HEAVEN!
                           Jesus has not forgotten you this day, and HE reaches out to you to serve HIM. So come unto HIM! Have that new life HE wants to give you! He can help you sort things out and show you the purpose you need in your life right now, this very day! HIS salvation calls out to you!  Take it!
                                  Welcome Home!
    Revelation 21 verse 4 reads:
                 And GOD shall wipe away all tears from their eyes, and there shall
be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain, for the former things are passed away.
             ( That's a Promise from)
                   GOD Almighty!
           Heaven will be a wonderful place!!!!!!
So why you are here on earth make
your life in GOD'S Service count and
if you are not saved in Christ Our Lord
get saved today. You can count on HIM! HE is the problem of the heart solver.  Be Sensible, COME!
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