All Veterans Christian Assembly, USA - REMEMBER MEMORIAL DAY on May 28th.
Your Time will Come, JESUS needs to be your SAVIOUR!

I can still remember over 48 years ago. I was a kid in elementary school, running on the playground, playing kickball, dodgeball, soccer, softball. I also remember being taught in the classroom by our teacher, old school Mrs. Halla with horn rimmed glasses. She loved to sing America the Beautiful which our class did each morning after the Pledge of Allegiance. Great days to be a kid. Now many years later, no more school, no more running around the playground. I am way older, retired from the working world with new things to keep me busy and occupied. I do know that my life is getting shorter and someday I will pass away to Heaven.

I truly see my mortality more now than when I was a kid. JESUS CHRIST is my Saviour. I trusted HIM, turned to HIM, believed in HIM to save my soul when I was a young man in the Navy. My heart turned from my sinful ways, I was sorry for them and called upon JESUS. My journey since then has been through many difficulties, not always making the right choices like I should have done, but also doing wonderful things, good things, pressing onward to do right more than ever in JESUS' name. HE is called WONDERFUL. Read Isaiah 9:6 JESUS saved me from my sins. That is wonderful when you consider HELL awaits you if you are not saved from your sins.

In the Book of Romans chapter 10 verse 13 it says that we should call upon the name of the LORD for salvation. YOU will be saved if you do.

 The verse: For whosever shall call upon the name of the LORD shall be saved.  -KJV-

My life is not getting younger and I cannot start it over. My heart keeps beating, but someday it will stop. Do you know CHRIST as Saviour? Your heart too will stop! Some day it will happen. 

Perhaps life has graduated you into the over 55 folks like me, time to make a choice to receive JESUS. Much better if you are younger and receive HIM, but you need to do it regardless.

The many funerals I have been to honoring my loved ones passing on and friends I have had, many are gone now. The LORD wants you to be ready, for a time will come, when you will be leaving this earth. There is an appointment with death.

The Book of Hebrews chapter 9 verse 27 from the Geneva Bible says: And as it is appointed unto men that they shall once die, and after that cometh the judgment.

People need to know this, that there is a loving Saviour that can SAVE you from your sins, HE has that power to do so. Time is passing as we need JESUS! The TRUE LIVING SAVIOUR!

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