All Veterans Christian Assembly, USA - REMEMBER MEMORIAL DAY on May 28th.
Salvation of the Soul. You need JESUS!

JESUS...HE CAN SAVE COMBAT VETERANS, and I know some HE has & YOU TOO! HE IS OUR SAVIOUR, THE LORD JESUS CHRIST! Remember he was Born to Save us from our sins and destroy the works of the devil. What a gift from GOD to us. In this year of 2018 it is a wonderful time to rejoice in CHRIST OUR SAVIOUR! JOY to the WORLD the LORD has COME! Come to save you!
Greater Love hath no man  than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. (Jesus)  Gospel of John 15:13
Be Free, trust JESUS!
  When Jesus suffered the beating by the Roman soldiers (scourging as they called it back then) HE was doing it for you and me. HE was taking the punishment for our sins even before the CROSS. Every insult said to HIM was endured. JESUS the GOD-MAN in the flesh let man whom HE created do this to HIM so HE could free us from the penalty of sin. HE willingly gave HIS life to free us. It was the only way. Every time the whip with sharp metal and bone was hurled at his body cutting into HIS flesh, the pain inflicted and punishment was for us, and he was innocent. AS the custom was during a scourging, the person being whipped was stripped and their hands were tied to an overhead beam. The whip tore away bodily flesh, tearing apart the skin into the muscles causing the blood to flow and bleed out of HIS body. HE, JESUS, suffered and died to free us from the penalty of sin which is eternal death and hell. The blood HE shed was for our sins, every one of them. No one has ever died for our sins except JESUS. HE has the power to forgive your sins today and give you a new life in HIM. YOU can have a relationship with the Creator of the Universe. You can learn how to be a Soldier of the Cross. When a soldier gives their life for someone in the military, we know that's a great sacrifice. Jesus did even more than that. HE died for everyone ever born. HE took the sins of all upon HIMSELF. On that wooden cross JESUS gave HIS all for me and for you! The taking on of everyone's sins plus the physical punishment of the wooden cross no doubt caused greater pain through out his body as HIS skin was ripped open from the beating (scourging) and the rough wood of the cross inflicting much pain as it cut into HIS body as HE hung on that cross of wood.  The nails driven thru HIS hands and feet was another painful act HE experienced. Sin can cause mental pain, physical pain and spiritual pain. Think of a time when you sinned and felt one or all of them at the same time. You did something wrong, your conscious was deeply bothered, you had a hard time dealing with it.
Not a very good experience at all. imagine if you yourself had to endure everyone's pain. JESUS took your sin and pain upon HIMSELF. YOU need HIM as your Saviour. HE has the greater LOVE no one else can give you.
During HIS ministry on earth JESUS had said this:
                The Spirit of the LORD is upon ME,
           Because HE hath anointed me to preach
           the Gospel to the poor, HE hath sent me
               to heal the broken-hearted, to preach
               deliverance to the captives, and the
               recovering of sight to the blind, to set
               at liberty them that are bruised, to
         preach the acceptable year of the LORD.
                                                          Luke 4:18
There was a time in my life I was broken-hearted and in deep despair. I was held captive by the way I was living and JESUS delivered me. I was blind and could not see the truth of JESUS, and HE opened my eyes to HIM. I needed liberty from sin and the way I lived, and HE set me at liberty! Even as a believer I have experienced great trauma in my life, but the LORD is able to help you as HE helped me. Even though we get saved, we still can experience tough times, but JESUS is there to see us through, make the heaviness bearable and lighter to carry. YOU want the LORD as your Saviour thru thick and thin times, you want HIM in your life period. IN the depths of my heart and soul I know HIS salvation is real, and I know HE can deliver! The reason for this web-site is to help others see JESUS and to experience HIS great salvation, and you can have it now, if you don't. If you are a believer I pray this site helps you in some encouraging way for GOD. If you are a believer who is struggling and lost your way in what you should do, may it help you return to HIS ways.  JESUS is Hope for all!
                                Michael  239-227-9304
                    Let JESUS help you with life's 
                    issues and problems. HE can
                    make the load lighter!  
    JESUS suffered when they put a crown of thorns on his head as the Roman soldiers no doubt jammed it on. Please read Mark 15:1-20 about the suffering of JESUS.  
                      And when the Centurion
                 which stood over against HIM, 
                saw that HE gave up the ghost,
                he said, TRULY THIS WAS THE
                                SON of GOD.
                        Gospel of Mark 15:39  
JESUS had a great and glorious resurrection from the dead showing HIS power over sin and death!
 Read Matthew 27:50-66   28:1-20
I am glad to say HE is my SAVIOUR! Is HE yours today?.........Call upon the name of JESUS to forgive yours sins and to be your Saviour.
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